Roll of Honour of the men of the
1/13th London Regiment (The Kensingtons)
who died in front of Gommecourt, 1st July 1916

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
we will remember them."

Ware Francis Henry   Capt.
Mackenzie Noel Olliffe Compton   2/Lt.
Mager William George   2/Lt.
Pilgrim Henry Bastick   2/Lt.
Sach Charles Burleigh   2/Lt.
Aikman Thomas 1227 Sgt.
Ham Philip James 2077 Cpl.
Owen Alfred 1607 Cpl.
Scull Albert 1502 Cpl.
Baker Edward Thomas 4320 L/Cpl.
Battiscombe Cyril Guy 4298 L/Cpl.
Beebee Frank Alfred 1843 L/Cpl.
Brook Arthur 1375 L/Cpl.
Cozens Walter Ernest 491273 L/Cpl.
Price Sidney Newcomb 4227 L/Cpl.
Alexander Thomas William 4115 Pte
Baldwin Charles 4146 Pte
Blows Norman Woodgate Joseph 1754 Pte
Boadle Frank Chambers 4625 Pte
Braddon William Claude 2027 Pte
Brougham Ernest Arthur 491550 Pte
Brown Thomas Henry 1512 Pte
Bryant Charles Marrable 2467 Pte
Budge Arthur George 490953 Pte
Burns Albert Victor 491637 Pte
Butterworth William Edward 3598 Pte
Clarke George Kenneth Bruce 3404 Pte
Crutchley Edgar 4355 Pte
Dunn Ernest James 4411 Pte
Dunt Charles Robert 4048 Pte
Feakes Arthur Sidney 4415 Pte
Geeson Frank Leonard 3470 Pte
Green Charles 4294 Pte
Green James 3983 Pte
Gubbins Walter Charles 491460 Pte
Harris John William 2105 Pte
Ide Frank Ernest 2409 Pte
Law Percival Charles 491035 Pte
Lewis Albert Henry Lawrence 2101 Pte
Lewis Frederick 4342 Pte
Macey Harold 1732 Pte
Markwell Reginald Walton 1527 Pte
Parslow James 4174 Pte
Perrin Horace Reginald 3852 Pte
Plummer George Robert 491447 Pte
Price Thomas 491432 Pte
Prime William 4262 Pte
Reader Edwin Frederick 490207 Pte
Rogers Harold Augustus 491480 Pte
Sheldrake Hugh Albert 491646 Pte
Skinner Sidney 490393 Pte
Smith Alfred George 4198 Pte
Spracklan Reuben Henry 3458 Pte
Stonestreet Alfred John 3460 Pte
Sully Richard Arnold 2045 Pte
Trice Frederick 2939 Pte
Ward Stanley 4332 Pte
Warford Reginald George Charles 491270 Pte
Wilson Montague James 491492 Pte


Published courtesy of the Commonwealth War Grave Commission.
A full version, including family and memorial details and men who died prior to 1st July
and who died of wounds after that date, appears in the book

'Pro Patria Mori'

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