The Fallen of the 1/5th London Regt. (London Rifle Brigade), 1st July 1916

"We will remember them"


In the picture above, the following officers are known to have been with the 1/5th London Regt. (London Rifle Brigade) on and before 1st July 1916:
2nd Lt A L Benns (C Company, KiA, 1.7.16), 2/Lt B F Sawbridge (wounded, 1.7.16), 2/Lt E R Williamson (att 169th Trench Mortar Battery, KiA, 10.9.16 near Leuze Wood)
2/Lt B Bromiley (not on 1.7.16), 2/Lt H Smith (D Company, wounded, 1.7.16), 2/Lt B L E Pocock (A Company, wounded, 1.7.16), Lt C W Long (Asst Qtrmaster)
Capt J R Somers-Smith MC (Cmdg B Company, KiA, 1.7.16), Lt C E Clode-Baker (B Company, KiA, 1.7.16), Qr-Mr Hon. Lt W Kelly and 2/Lt C B Doust (A Company, KiA, 1.7.16)

D G Adams
521 L/Cpl. Douglas GeorgeAdams
Aged 20  Son of Charles & Louie Adams
of Cromer Lodge, 2, Herne Hill, London,
formerly of 39, Holmdene Avenue, Herne Hill
Thiepval Memorial

2205 Rfn. Bertram Charles Alford
Husband of Mrs Alford of 42, Westbourne Park Villas,
London W
Thiepval Memorial

2906 Rfn. Edmund Allen
Aged 30  Son of John Edmund & Mary Ann Allen;
husband of Elsie Maud Allen of 31, Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells.
Born at Tunbridge Wells
Gommecourt British Cemetery No. 2, III.B.5

2950 Rfn. Vincent John Austin
Aged 19 Son of Vincent J & Rebecca Austin of
Hatfield, Herts
Gommecourt British Cemetery No. 2, II. H. 2

C E Baker
349 Rfn. Edgar Cecil Baker
Aged 31 Son of William & Mary Baker of
5, Cranwich Rd., Stamford Hill, London
Thiepval Memorial

2492 Rfn. Arthur Augustus Baker
Aged 18 Son of Charles W & Marie Baker of 28, Rembrandt Rd.,
Lee, London, formerly of 47, Alloa Road, Deptford Park
Thiepval Memorial

2599 Rfn. Eric Forrest Barton
Aged 20 Son of Henry Thomas & Jessica Elizabeth Barton of ‘Barlbro’, 10, Elm Way, Worcester Park., Surrey
Bienvillers Military Cemetery XVIII. G.4

2031 Rfn. William Harold Batchelor
Aged 17 Son of Albert & Helena Frances Batchelor of
25, Revelon Rd., Brockley, London
Thiepval Memorial

2859 Rfn. Frederick Percival Beard
Son of Mr W J Beard of 'Trevons House', Preston Road,
Westcliff on Sea, Essex
Thiepval Memorial Addenda Panel 5, Front Terrace

2694 Rfn. Paul George James Blake
Aged 23 Son of Rosa Blake of St. Sebastiano 30, Palermo,
Italy, & the late George Blake. Born at Naples
Gommecourt British Cemetery No. 2, IV. E. 5

1997 Rfn. Montague John Eugene Brady
Aged 28 Son of Mr. & Mrs J E Brady of 13, Brown Rd.,
Walthamstow, Essex
Thiepval Memorial

2907 Rfn. Wilfred Herbert Cantral
Aged 21 Son of Mrs S Cantral of 22, Pembury Rd., Clapton, London,
previously of 85, Downs Road, Clapton
Thiepval Memorial

2199 Rfn. Eric Leonard Chambers
Son of Mrs Chambers of 'Welldene', Hayes End, Middlesex
Thiepval Memorial

9 A/Cpl. Frank Denison Chandler
Aged 23 Son of Gibbs William Chandler of
23, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, London.
An employee of Lloyd's, Royal Exchange, London
Thiepval Memorial

3434 Pte Charles Chapman
Thiepval Memorial

2106 Rfn. Norman Vivian Cowling
Son of Mr R J Cowling of 68, Copleston Road, East Dulwich
Thiepval Memorial

1176 Cpl. Horace Cowlin
Thiepval Memorial

2796 Rfn. Norman Frank Crabb
Aged 26 Son of Thomas & Martha Crabb of 72, Parchmore Rd.,
Thornton Heath, Surrey
Thiepval Memorial

2415 Rfn. Gilbert Victor Crockett
Husband of Mrs Crockett of Lower Granard Lodge, Putney Park Lane, Putney
Thiepval Memorial

2163 Rfn. Henry Herbert Davison
Son of Mrs Davison of 79, Cranfield Road, Brockley
Thiepval Memorial

1478 Rfn. Frederick William Denham
Aged 19 Son of George William & Nellie Denham of 29, Madeira Rd., Margate, previously 2, Hitherfield Road, Streatham
Thiepval Memorial

2127 Rfn Leicester Albert Dixey
Aged 23. he was the son of Gilbert G Dixey
of 1, Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex
A resident of St Pancras
Thiepval Memorial

2nd Lt Charles Bowden Doust
Aged 29 he was educated at Dulwich College,
South London
Thiepval Memorial

2460 Rfn. Harold Putnam Dudley
Aged 29 Son of James Robert & Charlotte Dudley
of 298, South Lambeth Rd., London
Thiepval Memorial

2897 Rfn. Frank Edward Dyer
Aged 23 Son of Mrs H M Dyer of 145, Bentham Rd.,
South Hackney, London, & the late E. H. Dyer
Thiepval Memorial


2142 Rfn. Oswald Jas. Dykes
Aged 21 Son of Reuben & Emma Jane Dykes
of 53, Harpenden Rd., Wanstead Park, Essex
Thiepval Memorial

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