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Charles Patrick Amyatt Hull

Maj Gen Charles Hullharles Amyatt Hull was a regular of vast experience. He had joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers in November 1887 and progressed through the officer hierarchy to be made Brigade Major of the 11th Brigade in November 1903. He remained at this rank for four years serving also on the 6th and 9th Brigades before spending two years at Staff College emerging as a General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade in 1912.

He then moved to the Middlesex Regiment and, on the outbreak of war, he was the CO of the 4th Middlesex, leading them through the first battle at Mons and the helter-skelter retreat to the Marne. On 17th November, six days after the climactic action at Nonne Boschen towards the end of the first battle of Ypres, Hull was made Brigadier and given command of the 10th Brigade. He occupied this position until the 4th February 1916, the date he was given command of the newly formed 56th Division, and two days later he was promoted to Major General.

In July 1917, Hull had to return to England as illness demanded he have surgery and this kept him away from the Western Front until 23rd February 1918 when he took command of the 16th (Irish) Division. Illness opened up the way for his return to the 56th Division and took command on the 4th May commanding the division until 4th March 1919.

A vigorous and aggressive commander he was popular with his division and was not afraid to visit the front line on a regular basis.

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